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Thursday, May 29, 2008

We are Malaysians,and be proud of it!

Junior sent me a Youtube clip days ago,which I haven't really got a chance to look at it.And today,while I was browsing through the net,I remembered about this clip and have a look at it...It's a music video (MV) entittled "Here in my home" by various Malaysian artistes.

I felt quite like this MV at first,it sounds nice.But when I listen it for the second and third times,I felt touched and it reminds me alot of things...

Malaysia is a good and harmony country,blessed with rich resources and her unique culture and people - the Malaysians.Although there are differences of race,religion or culture between Malaysians,but this is not a barrier to stop Malaysians for loving each other and live together under one roof.The colour of skin or religion rules are not the problem for Malaysian to unite together,and I believe most Malaysian can accept and accomodate with each other's differences.

From the lyrics: "Oh there’s a misspoken truth that lies Colors don’t bind, oh no.What do they know? They speak falsely."

And,there are some political parties,some political personels (not politicians lol,that's for a gentlemen!),and some people who still lie in their own world.They kept on causing tension and conflict among races and religions.They will try to flame some small issues into a big issue,and cause hatred and anger between races and religions,just for the sake of their own good and benefits.They couldn't accept a harmonious Malaysian community,but wanted and divided Malaysian community where "divide and rule" is present.

The actor who waved keris

For example,this would most suitable to describe to this actor who waved the keris times and times,but at the same time running some unfair policies to the other people;or some people who kept voicing out racial issues,but they themselves didn't even wanted to sit down to discuss and solve the issues!

Ladies and gentlemen,I'm ethnic chinese born and bred in Malaysia,but I have no difference with you or her or him,this is because we are all human and Malaysian.Why must we fill in the forms and write what bangsa or kaum we are? We are all Malaysians!

So,please...don't be prejudice to other people from different races or religion,you and I are just the same.Let us not quarrel and make noise on who gets more or who gets less,we help those who need help with justice,no matter what race or religion you are,because we are all Malaysians.

Malaysians blessed with different unique cultures

I love Malaysia and this land where I had always live,as a Malaysian...not Chinese,not Malay not Indian,but as a Malaysian.This is more than just unity or harmony,but love.

And thus,I hate those racist political crappers who ruin and pollute this beautiful land of Malaysia,here in my home.

We are Malaysians,and be proud of it!

For more info,downloads and lyrics,please feel free to look around HERE! Click and spread out the message!

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Hajar Alwi said...

Brilliant write-up. Couldn't have expressed it better.

A first step for promoting racial harmony for a unified nation. ~sigh... if only we can get the message across to everyone... especially the dense.